Massive Banpresto Plush GA

Brought to you by hebilea  and myself.
  • I will be doing the bidding and shipping using Noppin. Therefore there will be 3 payments.
  • IMPORTANT EDIT: we had to recruit a different bidder. Segamew has graciously stepped up to bid for us since my bidding limit was too low. We're going to try to have the box sent to me so I can still ship. Segamew has sales permission too, in fact, we all do. Segamew is not claiming anything still, just bidding like the rest of you. :)
  • ALL payments are due NO LATER than 48 hours after I post a comment to you.
  • I will not be making a community post mentioning the payments. I will be messaging you a few times before leaving negative feedback. You are responsible for paying the amount you bid.
  • Do not bid more than you can afford and hope we get discounts.
  • I am claiming everything sprayed out in pink for $35+
  • hebilea  will be claiming things sprayed out in grey for $20+
  • This will end on Monday, August 8th at 8pm EST.
  • Everything starts at $5! So nows your chance to get your favorite plush nice and cheap!

Supermassive Super Quick Battrio GA

There are soooooooooo many battrio here. More than I can tell you what they are from the pictures. The "blind" battrio will be up for grabs after the auctions end. This is two separate auctions. There will be 3 payments. One for the item, one for middleman fees + shipping to me, one for shipping to you. This ga will end in 3 days, on Sunday the 17th. Payment will be due within 24 hours. IF YOU CANNOT PAY IN 24 HOURS FROM THE GA'S END, DO NOT BID.

I will be claiming anything that doesn't have a thread.

Bid your hearts out. I absolutely want to win both of these.

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Due to the massive nature of this GA, it is absolutely important that you pay immediately AND that you only bid what you can pay. DO NOT DELETE THREADS/BIDS. RETRACTIONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AND YOU WILL GET A NEGATIVE FOR IT.

IMPORTANT: if you were bidding on lot 2, we were outbid even at 6,000 yen. So unfortunately we will not win lot 2, definitely.

This GA is completed. If you haven't paid for your shipping to you yet, I've messaged you several times. If you can't find a message from me, PM me or comment here.

Huge CaptianAngel GA

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  • Anything marked out in black will be up for grabs after they come in. The reason they are blacked out is because we don't know what's inside there.
  • Anything with a white spray mark over it, I am claiming. I know it's a lot of stuff, however there is still plenty left for grabs and since this is a huge lot and will require a lot of work, it's perfectly okay. I will be claiming everything I claimed at $25 and will go higher if we need more money to win this.
  • Anything with a blue spray mark over it, 3kame is claiming at $6+.
  • I received sales permission from dakajojo
  • Payment is due within 48 hours, should we win. Failure to pay or late payment will result in a negative feedback.
  • Please refrain from chatter in bid posts. Leave all comments in the comment section.
  • The auction will end on Sunday the 10th at 8pm EST.
  • 3kame and I both live in the USA. The GA is coming from the UK to us. It may take several weeks to get here, please be patient. :) There will be 2 payments. One for your item + shipping to me. One for shipping to you.


Hi everyone. This is my commission post for May. I realize may is almost over, but I'm almost done with the plushie that was commissioned from me, so I figured I'd post a commission post now.

First things first, sales permission was granted by dakajojo 
I ship from the USA, but I have no problem shipping worldwide. I like to use bubble mailers.
I take no responsibility for what happens to things after they leave my hands. I can't control the post office and what they do with packages. I will gladly show you a receipt of having shipped your item(s). Please let me know if you would like insurance or delivery confirmation.
I have a right to refuse a sale to you if I see fit.

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  • Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo .
  • I only accept Paypal
  • I ship anywhere in the world from the USA.
  • I can hold for 24 hours. Please ask for a quote before committing to buy. Failure to complete a sale may result in negative feedback. I might be willing to hold longer, depending on the circumstances.
  • I ship pretty quickly. Usually the next day. I cannot Saturdays after 1pm and cannot ship on Sundays, because our automated after hours postal box thing is always too full on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I ship everything in bubble mailers via first class mail. If you would like insurance, delivery confirmation, or priority mail, please let me know ahead of time.
  • I will now offer shipping via a standard envelope for flats AT YOUR OWN RISK (USA only!).
    • Please keep in mind that I do offer bubble mailer shipping for cards and I recommend it.
      • Flats start at $1 in the USA for a standard envelope
      • Flats start at $2 in the USA for a bubble mailer
      • Flats start at $3 elsewhere
      • One kid figure is $3 shipped outside the USA
      • Kid figure shipping is $3 in the USA (so far I only know this for up to 3 kids. I don't know beyond that without going to the post office, so ask for a quote. :))
  • Shipping, handling and fees are NOT included on the prices.
  • Please leave feedback here old feedback can be found here.
  • Minimum purchase of $3 please.
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